Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Buy: Plaid Princess

Pictured Size:3
PLAID! Plaid always makes me happy!
To the left, I am pictured in a Red Lurex Plaid Shirt with button cinching in the back to really make it really hug your curves . (I didn't discover the buttons until I tried it on. Pleasant surprise!)
Unlike some droopy plaid tops, this one seemes to really understand a lady's body. The sleeves are long but I rolled them up. I always mean business!
Find this top at your local Torrid or online in red, teal and black, or purple!
I like to wear it with leggings and a pair of oxford flats, but the shirt can really come together with any choice of bottoms! Click the picture below for more product info!

Red Lurex Long Sleeved Plaid Top

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sweet Buy Stripes!

I was so very close to posting a picture taken with a real camera but the resulting photos were very fuzzy, so here I am with my handy camera phone!
Over the holidays I acquired a lot of fabulous Torrid pieces, so hopefully there will be more updates!
I'm quite the regular at my local Torrid, so much so that a couple members of staff have memorized my sizes! One staff member went to the back and came out with some lovely items, including the striped ponte jacket pictured.

Black and White Striped Cropped Ponte Jacket
The cropped jacket gives a flair of femininity with ruched sleeves and for those of you that like a little closure, there is a single button. The only con I find (a con that I find with most blazers produced by Torrid) is that the jacket has fake pockets….WHY TORRID?! Ladies need pockets too!  Size Pictured: 3

Tripp NYC Black Skinny Pant
I haven't had a nice pair of black pants for a while. This pair really hugs the curves, however I realized that although, at the time, I was wearing a size 22 in jeans, I needed to buy a the black pants in a size bigger (24). And for those that like a bit of stretch and love the feel of Source of Wisdom, you may find yourself pining for those blue jeans since the waistline of the Tripp pants isn't very stretchy. However I find them comfortable enough and I love that they are versatile, so whether you're in a fun flirty mood, or you're ready for business, slip into these with a nice pair of chucks, wedges, or heels and you're good to go! Size Pictured: 24R

Striped Tank Top
The tank top pictured is a top I've had since high school. Purchased at Hot Topic in the throws of my punk/goth youth, I used it in my stripey ensemble today and I must say it worked wonderfully. Personally, I would not venture to partner a top with a very busy patterns with the jacket. Stripes or solid colours would be my approach, but honestly to each their own!

For more information about each item, click on the photos below!

Tripp NYC-The Black Skinny Pant
Black and White Striped Ponte Jacket