Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Buys: Fair Isle Fun!

Time for some warmth in the chilly season! Put together a simple outfit from some sweet Black Friday buys and a couple of these items are up for grabs at amazing prices on!
A cardigan, boots, and leggings make for a comfortable ensemble! I'm really digging Fair Isle print right now and had to snag this cardi. The tank top is my own, a school tee that I cut up for comfort. The colours at play here: grey, black, and white!

Sizes I'm Wearing:
Cardigan: 3
Leggings: 2
Boots: 11

Click the Torrid pictures below to link to the items for info on the products and the size chart!

Grey Fair Isle Open Front Cardigan
Was: $48.50Now: 29.99

Basic Black Leggings

Remey Black Sweater Trim Ankle Boot (Wide Width)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Buy Sweaters and Cardis!

Tribal Shawl Collar Cardigan

        Hello! I'm back! Please excuse the months and months of absence but big changes have taken place! I moved up to NorCal for school, I'm still settling into the way of things up here and guess what….
THERE'S NO TORRID OR FOREVER 21 out here! I have been stripped away from my places of worship! OH THE HUMANITY! Luckily there's always online shopping!
It's cold up here and now comes the time to pack away the shorts and tank tops and bust out the sweaters! I didn't seem to pack enough, but that slight problem has allowed me to present the excuse that I need to buy more! Item A to the left proves that I've done just that.
  Straight from Forever 21+, a navy/hot pink Tribal Shawl Cardigan.
100% acrylic
Banded hemline and cuff
Long sleeved
        If you're a patron of Forever 21, you'll notice that all their apparel is of the utmost delicate nature and can ONLY be hand washed. It's a knit cardi, and light to medium in weight. I wouldn't recommend it for a 40 degree day, but it's nice for those nippy mornings. I'm picture wearing a size 3X. Below you can see the pattern up close. Click the picture of the model to go directly to the product page! Keep an eye out for some great deals on the site! A fe days ago there was a sale on $7.99 basic dress BOGO and within half an hour they sold out! Getting more for your money is NEVER a bad thing!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet Buys! Skull and Cross bone Summer!

I'm not usually one to purchase a top with an elastic hem and no bust cinching, but I was pleasently surprised by this navy chiffon blouse from Torrid. 100% polyester, the sheer top is perfect for a lovely, breezy summer night. I'm wearing a tank top underneath so as not to be overexposed!

At first glance, it may look like a simple polka dot pattern. There are dots but you'll find that the pattern also includes skull and crossbones!
A cutsey detail for the lady pirate in us all!
Click the picture below for more info on this top!

Navy Skull Chiffon Blouse

Sweet Buys! 3/4 Sleeve Tops and Jeggings!

Sorry for the bathroom picture, but there aren't many people around able to take photos of me! To the left, you'll find me, pictured in my coziest (but cutest) ensemble yet. Forever in love with 3/4 sleeve tops, Torrid has on offer a variety of these, from paisley to floral print. A very light polyester fabric, I've found this top actually does well in the summer heat. This size i'm wearing is a 3x (22/24). I picked out this along with a blue floral top. The picture may not focus on them very well, but my pants are jeggings, my first pair in fact, and I have to say I HONESTLY see no difference between them and a well-fit pair of jeans. EXTREMELY comfortable, they come in Small, Regular, Tall, and Extra Tall.

To get a better view of the items purchased, click the pictures below for prices and sizes!
Red Ditsy Print 3/4 Sleeves Crinkled Top
Navy Floral Print 3/4 Sleeves Crinkled Top

Torrid Denim - Sophia Jegging (Tall)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion designer embraces the plus-size world

Remember when fashion designer Julien Macdonald called plus sized models a "joke" and that "If you're a size 14 in a room full of size eights, you're in the wrong room?"
Well guess who's changed his tune after the June issue of Vogue Italia featured THREE models on it's cover?
Tara Lynn, Candice Huffine and Robyn Lawley
range from sizes 12-16 and although there are a few comments regarding the lack of clothing, it's my personal opinion that that's what makes it so empowering. Being plus-sized doesn't mean you should be ashamed of who you are! Take pride in the skin you're in BUT….please be classy =]
AS FOR Macdonald, he told Look Magazine that, "You can be real and still be sexy Bigger girls can compete against girls half their size."
He also stated that he would not dismiss any plus-size fashionista walking around in his clothes.
"There is a gap in the market, and if someone good wanted to represent my brand, I'd do it."

Friday, June 10, 2011


When Forever 21's plus size line first appeared (originally called Faith21) I found its apparel to be boring drapery with an intention that seemed to be to hide the female form rather than showcase it. A bunch of paisley prints, plaid, ruffles, and basics, were not enough to impress me.
After a couple of uninteresting buys I shunned the line as another cheap attempt on a companies part to acclimate into the growing number of big-girl friendly clothing stores.

A few days ago, while shopping with family, we went into Forever 21, and I decided to head over to the small corner that the store seems to have created for all the shapely women to accumulate and browse, and I must say I was extremely impressed, and went on a grabbing frenzy and headed for the changing room.

One thing I find frustrating with stores is that when it comes to plus-size clothing, they don't take current fashion trends into account and sew together whatever large, billowy, lackluster prints, they have lying around, and sell it at unheard of prices. Forever 21 seems to have made a significant effort in remedying this issue and is utilizing popular trend patterns in their plus-size line.

I'm very into the trend of tribal prints and geometric shapes and found this colourful cardigan for 17.50. Not to knock my mecca, but a similar cardi at Torrid would cost $38.

This University jumper cost the same price. while the tank top was $9.
These are A FEW of the things I bought. I can't wait to go back and find more lovely items, HOWEVER, I do wish the design team would integrate more of the smaller sized clothes into the line. As far as I can tell all the patterns, colours, and styles are wearable by almost anyone. Please forever 21….PLEASE!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tara Lynn poses for H&M

Plus size model Tara Lynn posed for H&M's Big is Beautiful (BiB) swimsuit line.
Tara Lynn, known for baring it all in French Elle rocked some fabulous swimwear in the shoot. Previously though to have been discontinued, H&M's BiB line is unfortunately only available in the UK =[
But this HuffPost article (Where you can see more T.Lynn pics!) says we may see it in the states in 2012?! Keep your fingers crossed lovelies!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plus size model dead at 36

Plus Size model, PLUS Model Magazine Creative Editor, and "Road Trip" actress Mia Amber Davis, passed away Tuesday at 36 years old.

An advocate for full-figured woman everywhere, Davis was devoted to promoting pride and acceptance in regards to woman of all shapes and sizes.

Although no details of her death have been released, Davis did undergo knee surgery on Monday.

PLUS Model Magazine Editor Madeline Jones had this to say about Davis in a blog post today:

"Mia was a super model and industry leader because it was her love for the women she represented that kept pushing her when the industry itself did not embrace her. Anyone else would have given up, but Mia remained steadfast in her career, knowing that she was not just doing it for her own benefit, but for women of all ages. Never one to put anyone down, Mia was about lifting up people and connecting them with others to help them on their journey and never asking for anything in return."

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wish List Wednesday: Coach Natalie Collection

Floral Embellished Natalie Straw Tote
I love Coach. I love the flexibility of the styles, colour, everything!!
I've had my eye on items in the recent Natalie Collection for a while. Ever hovering in my Blog folder, I'd link myself to everyday and pine over these sweet handbags.
Charming, tightly-woven straw wallets, clutches, and totes. A charming addition to any flirty spring outfit! The delicate flower appliqués are what piqued my interest. Browns and golds paired with white accents!

Although there are a variety of accessories in the collection, the tote pictured to the left (Floral Embellished Straw Natalie Tote) is the one I'm dying to add to purse garden!

Click on the picture to check out the collection!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

REVIEW: Dove go fresh Rebalance Body Wash with NutriumMoisture

So I'm very picky when it comes to body wash. For me it's all about moisture, moisture, moisture! For too long, I've been scorned by the lingering, drying effects of soap bars and gel washes!
Last week I took a chance and bought Dove's go fresh Rebalance Body Wash with NutriumMoisture
-All day moisture: It's actually minimized my lotion use throughout the day! I constantly have very dry, cracked, sensitive skin, which sometimes leads to very uncomfortable and even painful moments.  Using this, I felt very moisturized and far more comfortable. My skin continues to feel smooth al the way through to the next morning!
-Smell: The smell emitted from the bottle immediately made me think of candy. Very pleasant, the scent of plum and sakura blossom linger on the skin for a while.

-Shower experience: Upon distributing the body wash you see that it's a very thick, lotion like look. Even after rinsing the last of the suds off, I still felt like there was wash residue left on me. Upon leaving the shower, I couldn't shake that soapy feeling which is unpleasant for a minute or two.
So overall I would buy this again unless, in the long run, my body reacts in some unpleasant way.
I can deal with the soapiness of it all! You can purchase it at your local supermarket/drugstore!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Buy Saturday

Keds Rapture Boat Shoe
I won't have access to a computer until Saturday night, so an early post won't hurt right?!
A couple of weekends ago I noticed a friends' new boat shoes. I was jealous of his fancy footwear and swore on the stars that I would find a pair for myself.

Two days after the trip. I found a pair for myself.

With my recent love of skinny jeans comes the need for appropriate shoes and I find that these are a sweet addition to most types of pants. They are very comfortable and I like the cute plaid detail ^_^

I bought them at JCPenney for $25 but it seems the price has gone up about $10. Click the picture to buy!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeup Monday!

    I've never had a fantastic, basic makeup regimen. My usual morning consisted of slathering on whatever thick, cakey, Target shade of foundation MIGHT match my skin, and then attacking my face with mineral powder I THOUGHT was good for me. Needless to say my skin became miserable, and being of the dark variety, acne leaves its mark for a LONG time. I grew weary of the oilyness, flakiness, and shades much darker than my skin and with a big convention approaching I decided I needed some TLC.
    I was told that M.A.C. was overrated in the skin area, and my mother's brief, painful, blotchy encounter with Lancome put me off as her and I have similar allergies. I wanted something light, something that would not irritate my skin, but would mesh with my needs as I have a sensitive, combination dry and oily epidermis. My skin is my biggest crutch, I'm very embarassed by it.
   My friend Claudia seemed very happy with her set of Clinique makeup and then it clicked. Why not get makeup from a company with a sucessful skincare line? Something's got to tie in right?
I bought the following products on Wednesday and I have to say that so far I'm ecstatic. Light, easy to apply, and with great coverage, I'd reccomend these products to anyone (Click on photos to buy products):

"All About Eyes Concealer"
Although it says "All About Eyes Concealer," I was told that it can go over any of the dark spots on my face. I'd reccomend a small concealer brush (Something I forgot and must go back for!)  The tiny nozzle opening makes it easy to choose your desired amount.

"Even Better" Liquid Foundation

Very good coverage. Apparently evens skin tone, which is something I desperately need! Same convenient nozzle opening. Extrememly pleased with the light feeling, it doesn't feel like it's attacking my pores! Good for Combination skin or Oily. Doesn't leave you looking like an oil slick! (Click here for recommended foundation brush)

"Perfectly Real" Compact Makeup

This pressed powder topped everything off. It made my skin look very natural. No weird, visible, chalky residue on the surface. Even with this third step everything feels so light, I'm not afriad of brushing my cheek against someones shoulder and pulling away only to see I've left some of my face on them (It's happened….it's embarrassing) Wonderful end to a fabulous skin makeup cllection! (Click here for recommended powder brush)

So there you have it AND spend $21.50 at your local Macy's to get the Spring 2011 Bonus.
I was asked if I wanted the Pinks or the Purples, and I picked the latter.

My bonus included:
-Small and large makeup bags
-"Take the Day Off" Makeup Remover
-Compact: Clinique Colour Surge Duo 
in Twilight Mauve/ Brandied Plum and Smoldering Plum blush 
-"Dramatically Different" Moisturizing Lotion
-Lash Doubling Mascara
-2-in-1 lipstick (Shy) /gloss (Mystic) duo

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Buys!

Border Floral Print Tie-Front Top
A couple of cute buys from my clothing mecca, Torrid!
To the left, lovely flowey, blouse with a charming floral patter and satin bow. I saw this online first and went in store to try it.
I was hooked from the first twirl.
It's a personal preference of mine that I do not expose my arms. Although I am confident in myself, we all have those hangups that get a hold of us every blue moon.
Georgia Peach Foxy Cotton Scoop Cami
Anyways, I'm very pleased with
such a comfy purchase, but since it's see-through, I had to pair it with a cute tank top!

I chose this salmon-coloured cami (above) according to the flower design on the lower half of the blouse. I try to stay as far from white as possible so as not to make my chest appear bigger than it already is.
I'm waiting for the right occasion to wear the two items, perhaps a dinner, or a night outing?
Who knows?! Either way I can't wait!
(Click the pictures to link to the products!)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Women's Plus Linen-Blend Western Tunics (Purple)
Old Navy why must you do this to me?
My go-to store for simple tops, and I saw this a couple of days ago and YES it's online.
This tunic plus black leggings plus my western ankle boots….I'd be so happy…and so would my mother since she likes me better when my butt is covered!
I see a lot of confused commenters. They seemed think they were purchasing a dress. 
This is NOT a dress. Don't expect knee length cuteness. When I held it up, it ended a little toward the middle of my thighs and I'm 5'7"
Click on the picture to link to the product! 

To Be Curvy

Click on picture to see blog post "On the street…Angelika, Milan"

The fashion/photography blog, The Satorialist has the blogosphere abuzz after a interesting choice of words used to describe a female blogger.
A glance at the photos and you see a slim, attractive, fashionable female.
My first thought was "Oh gosh I need those shoes!" (Jeffery Campbell Lita's by the way ^_^)Very beautiful pictures of a very lovely woman.
A glance at his description and you can see why most of the 700+ comments question his idea of shape vs. size.

" I loved that she's a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre."-Scott Schuman

My First Thought: I understand that "curvy" is a shape, as Schuman argues, however, "bigger??"
So are the normal female bloggers practically invisible?
Now according to his update, many comments have instructed him that the word "normal" is the best term to describe the young woman.
I DEFINITELY do not agree with that, because if something is "normal", then something else is abnormal.
Call it a technicality but that's how I see it.
This woman has curves, but if bigger REALLY is the correct term for her, then the bloggers he's used to seeing must be in terrifying shape.
I understand why many are jumping at his throat because the word "curvy" is usually attributed with a plus -size woman.

"Remember, curvy is a body shape, not a weight." -Scott Schuman

I agree. 
There has always been this feud between plus-size women, and what some designers THINK is a plus-sized woman. His comment seems to come off as "She's big enough, they don't get any bigger than this in my world."
However his intention seemed to be a comparison between what he's used to and a new size.
What it DOES make you think about, again, is the standard in the fashion industry and their idea of what is acceptable. That is the real issue.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Shorts Shorts Shorts!

Oh gosh, there go the SHORTS alerts in my inbox!
Check out Torrid for new tops, shoes, and accessories to go with an old or new pair of shorts!
My personal favourites are the Source of Wisdom rolled tab shorts. (Well anything SOW is pretty much my go-to!) and the henley tops.
You'll notice some blazers as well as tights. Well the idea is that it's still cold, so until then, dress accordingly….with shorts!.
The hardest thing is getting these legs "shorts-ready."
Looking down my legs are pale, and looking outside…there are clouds in the sky.
Oh spring are you really here??
Click the picture above to get linked to Torrid's page!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

T-Shirt Tip: A Little Off The Top!

"Cute Tee!"
A phrase that often passes my lips. Let's face it. Big or small we've always seen that regular tee that looks great….on someone else.
A Big faux pas that many plus-size designers make is that they assume that instead of accentuating the positives, most big girls strive to hide everything under layers or just LOTS of fabric.
There are the flowery dresses, the layered blouses, and the moo moos that just never go away.
And then there are the girly tees. short sleeves, lots of added fabric around the middle, and a crew neck that makes the breast seem bigger than they need to be.
Personally, I'm that big girl who has the big breasts AND wide chest. Plus with my tummy, the added fabric makes me look heavier than I am.
Discovering this set back years ago, I took to buying men's shirts and slitting them down the chest just to give some sort of feminine touch.
My style is changing.

For months now I've been pining for something cuter to go with my boots and skinny jeans, So I took a pair of scissors to most of my shirts and started taking fabric off the top. Sure I've gotten questions and concerns from my mother and even a professor but why must I be condemned to the nun-like grip of a tight neck shirt! I demand girly-ness in my wardrobe! For example, the above "NOT GUILTY" shirt (left) started off as a butch boyish tee (right and it is a 2nd shirt). I can now pair it with a cute necklace and some flats.

This "Great Wave" shirt was given to me by a friend. The shirt is by the brand Loud & Obnoxious.
In searching the site, was I disappointed that their girl sizes ran smaller than my own? Yes but that's just how it is sometimes!
I've had this shirt for a few months and have finally altered it.
I am not a size L but the shirt is. The best part about removing fabric is that the shirt now seems to be the perfect size as it is a roomier up top.
Doing this to my tees has made my life easier clothes-wise as my body type is very difficult to clothe. Being creative when you have limited options does help!