Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sexy Summer Nightwear!

Navy Belted Shirt Dress with Braided Belt
     I'm almost out of school for the semester, so it's time to build up my wish list.
     I'm looking for a couple of nice airy dresses for those summer nights and late dinners.
     If you haven't guessed by now, I am a Torrid worshipper and that is my go to for new clothes immediately.
I love everything from short dresses to maxis.
     My biggest fault in style is not venturing with bright colours but when it come to dresses the sky's the limit HOWEVER these two lovely dresses caught my eye and yes they are dark, but I dare you to say they're not cute.

     What I like about this is that the belt doesn't look too extreme on the dress. Very few empire waist styles look good on me and I love that it doesn't seem to cinch you to the point looking deformed. PLUS the shoes on the model go very well with the outfit and that might be new venture for me. I own no shoes like that!

Black Jersey Embroidered Dress

     Talk about comfy! Very simple, very pretty and I think maxi dresses, contrary to popular belief, are very pretty on curvy gals. There's always this fear that a dress like this will fit you lie a moo moo but take the leap and look for one!
     In addition there is nothing I love more than buying earrings! Maxis
always give way to the purchase of long dangly earrings (my favourite kind!)

     Big girls sometimes have reservations about wearing dresses but never be afraid to show off a little leg and bare a shoulder or two. I've had to get over my own dress fears, sometimes I never want to show of my arms but I'm still growing esteem-wise.
     Have fun this summer but do it tastefully and strut your stuff you sexy thing!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weight loss pill or shock treatment?

So it's no secret that everyone tries to get the quick fix when it comes to losing weight.
One aid that people always turn to is supplements!
Now there is always suspicion in regards to the effectiveness of supplements because so many of them lack that safety blanket of FDA approval.
Many of the pills and powders that lack such approval have been pulled from shelves because they are dangerous or just plain ineffective.

Alli is the ONLY FDA approved supplement and it is taking the health world by storm.
The starter pack comes with 90 weight loss capsules, a carrier for the pills, an online plan, and reference booklets for healthy eating.

The website claims that with Alli, people can expect to lose up to 50% more weight than with diet alone. the science behind it is that the pill supposedly blocks up to 25% of the fat you consume. The first step is committing to a low fat diet because if you don't the side effects can be awful.

If you don't commit to a low fat, low calorie diet you WILL experience:
-Loose bowels
-Anal leakage
-Oily discharges in your urine and feces. The storefront says that "you may recognize it as something that looks like the oil on top of a pizza."

when I read that I was absolutely disgusted and could only relate it to shock therapy.
The testimonies, however, are moving but if you wish to venture and use a supplement...RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!

For more info go to
For reviews and testimonials go to

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vajazzling you say?

Usually I would never pick up a Cosmopolitan Magazine unless someone I absolutely love is gracing its cover. This month, Pink in all her buff beauty drew me to the stand and sure enough I was carrying her home in a plastic bag. (That sounded creepy but it's the truth lol)

     Unlike those that bypass the fun tidbits and dive straight into the repetitive sex tips, I went page by page, ad by ad, wish- listing products and creating birthday pleas.
On pg. 43, the Hot Sheet :6 Trends on the Rise Right Now, my klepto senses took my eyes downward to the shiny jewels on the bottom of the page. I looked to see what trend they belonged to.

Trend 6: Vajazzling
Is it odd that I'm not surprised? I've heard of novelty waxing down there, I've even had a friend who revealed his own pubic star to me, so I wasn't too shocked until I saw the price.

For $25 I could buy makeup that will last months. These jewels last THREE days.
You better buy those for an EXTREMELY special weekend.
I'm sure men will appreciate your attention to detail, it's hot when a woman cares about what you see when she's sans clothing, but I think the novelty wears off after a while.
Personally I think it's a waste if he's going to look at the things for 2 seconds and realize that there's a vagina beneath them.
If you try these, try them within months of each other.

For more info on how to Bedazzle your Vajazzle go to
take the Jennifer Love Hewitt route and find a professional that will apply Swarovski crystals and gold spray to your nearly nether region.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beach Ready?!

Such a silly saying.
Beach ready to many means that you're ready to unveil your tight behind and you tight tummy.
Beach ready to ME means the time we finally leave the house and head down to the water!

I have a European sense of thinking when it comes to beachwear, and I say wear whatever the hell you want whatever size or shape you are. I never sneer at people or make a face if quite a bit of them is hanging out. If you want to be a prude, tan in your backyard.

HOWEVER don't nude up if you're not at a nude beach. That's the line!

The best part about beach season is shopping for a swimsuit. From Torrid to Fashion Bug, to Lane Bryant, each store has a swimsuit to accommodate that confident plus size beach goer. Tankinis, one-pieces, and swim dresses (my personal fave)

Pictured above. A swimdress from Kmart. A great $12 emergency swimsuit in my opinion, but if you're not in a rush I highly recommend shopping around!
 Here are a few suggestions:             

Black and White Striped Rose Halter Swim Top
Black Swim Skirt

Lane Bryant Swimdress

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Torrid: Plus Size Paradise

A common name amongst the fluffly ladies, and if you haven't heard of Torrid, you're missing out.

I am a devoted follower of the church of Torrid. From the days when they specialized in goth couture, fanged teddy bear graphic tees and white makeup to the glitzy, glamorous duds they sell now. . They catered to my high school phase of dark, emo, and mysterious. When they did a complete 360 and turned towards flower prints and pastels, it was quite refreshing. There are times when some of their fashions don't meet my personal taste but to each their own!

I would say that 95% of my wardrobe consists of clothes and shoes from Torrid. They create fashions for all sorts of tastes. The shoes are specially made to fit a wider foot and calf and the size range is accommodating to a variety of women.

They feature brands such as Fergie, Dollhouse, LA Ink, and even Betsey Johnson!

Make sure you apply for a Divastyle card.
-No membership fee
-Event invitations
-A discount card on your birthday
-5% off of anything you buy
-When you accumulate a certain number of points, you're eligible for even MORE discounts.

From studs to frills, makeup to purses, every girl will be able to find something just for her at Torrid



Hello! My name is Sabina Gallier.
I am a size 20 in pants.
A L-XL in shirts.
My bra size 46D
I have cellulite.
I have "lotsa-love-handles."
I couldn't be anymore comfortable in my own skin.

Society is aimed at making us feel bad about ourselves. The media portrays these slinky women in music videos and magazines as people we all should look up to and strive to become.

As someone who grew up on Archie comics and not Vogue or CosmoGirl, I Pride myself on loving the body I have. I never looked up to swimsuit models or runway divas, instead I was one of the millions of kids watching cartoons and developing a sense of humor as opposed to a nagging fear that I wasn't good enough.

I will not ignore the fact that I should lose weight, for my own health, because I can truthfully say that carrying these pounds will be detrimental to you  in the future. However while you're working towards a healthier you, NEVER feel bad about the way you look. Do not go under the knife or lose weight because you want to look like the girl next to you in class.

All women are beautiful, skinny or fat.
It's all in the confidence.