Friday, June 10, 2011


When Forever 21's plus size line first appeared (originally called Faith21) I found its apparel to be boring drapery with an intention that seemed to be to hide the female form rather than showcase it. A bunch of paisley prints, plaid, ruffles, and basics, were not enough to impress me.
After a couple of uninteresting buys I shunned the line as another cheap attempt on a companies part to acclimate into the growing number of big-girl friendly clothing stores.

A few days ago, while shopping with family, we went into Forever 21, and I decided to head over to the small corner that the store seems to have created for all the shapely women to accumulate and browse, and I must say I was extremely impressed, and went on a grabbing frenzy and headed for the changing room.

One thing I find frustrating with stores is that when it comes to plus-size clothing, they don't take current fashion trends into account and sew together whatever large, billowy, lackluster prints, they have lying around, and sell it at unheard of prices. Forever 21 seems to have made a significant effort in remedying this issue and is utilizing popular trend patterns in their plus-size line.

I'm very into the trend of tribal prints and geometric shapes and found this colourful cardigan for 17.50. Not to knock my mecca, but a similar cardi at Torrid would cost $38.

This University jumper cost the same price. while the tank top was $9.
These are A FEW of the things I bought. I can't wait to go back and find more lovely items, HOWEVER, I do wish the design team would integrate more of the smaller sized clothes into the line. As far as I can tell all the patterns, colours, and styles are wearable by almost anyone. Please forever 21….PLEASE!

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