Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sweet Buys! 3/4 Sleeve Tops and Jeggings!

Sorry for the bathroom picture, but there aren't many people around able to take photos of me! To the left, you'll find me, pictured in my coziest (but cutest) ensemble yet. Forever in love with 3/4 sleeve tops, Torrid has on offer a variety of these, from paisley to floral print. A very light polyester fabric, I've found this top actually does well in the summer heat. This size i'm wearing is a 3x (22/24). I picked out this along with a blue floral top. The picture may not focus on them very well, but my pants are jeggings, my first pair in fact, and I have to say I HONESTLY see no difference between them and a well-fit pair of jeans. EXTREMELY comfortable, they come in Small, Regular, Tall, and Extra Tall.

To get a better view of the items purchased, click the pictures below for prices and sizes!
Red Ditsy Print 3/4 Sleeves Crinkled Top
Navy Floral Print 3/4 Sleeves Crinkled Top

Torrid Denim - Sophia Jegging (Tall)

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