Monday, October 18, 2010

Salmon veggie mix

Gotta love glass mixing bowls
A free lazy day is the best gift the universe can give. Curl up with a good book, movie, plushie, whatever, RELAX!
BUT when it comes to food, lazy days sometimes come with greasy chip fingers or ketchup stained napkins. NO ONE wants to cook on a cold, rainy morning!
Save the gas driving to the nearest burger joint and hide your Cheetos.
 My mother taught me how to make it a long time ago. She would get rid the mayo usually found in tuna or salmon salad  and mix in a lemon-oil dressing. This tangy snack won’t leave you heavy, bloated! It’s the perfect quick fix for fish lovers!

BONUS: You can use some ingredients from the salmon mix to create an EXTREMELY refreshing drink. I LOVE cucumber water. Keep reading!

Bumble Bee Lemon and Dill Pink Salmon Steak
      -Found in any supermarket, you can also use tuna!
Half a lime
White/yellow onion 
2 tsp Canola Oil
1 tsp white distilled vinegar


Medium mixing bowl
Small mixing bowl
Small mixing bowl
Knife to cut veggies

1. Empty the contents of the bag of salmon into the big mixing bowl. The bag says to warm the salmon up but don’t it’s best if it’s eaten cold. DON’T WORRY it’s pre cooked! It’s optional to drain the water in the bag but personally I don’t because that’s what really contains the flavour.

2.Cut up the onions and cucumbers. Everyone’s preference varies so add as much or as little as you want. When you’ve finished, throw your veggies in with the salmon. Give it all a good mix up.

3.Take your small mixing bowl and add your oil. Squeeze some lemon and mix. This step is the hardest because if the ingredients involved and you must constantly taste test your mix to make sure it’s not to lemony or bland.
If it is too lemony for your taste add a little more oil.

4. Add the salt and pepper to the oil/lemon dressing. Again keep tasting it to see if it’s to your liking.

5. Once you’ve approved your dressing toss it in the big bowl of salmon. Give it another mix

6. Add the vinegar. Mix it up again. Taste

Now you have a tasty lunch or dinner in front of you and you didn't have to endure a squeaky bag of chips or buy some manly dripping burger to satisfy your taste buds!
OPTIONAL: if you want to turn this into a sandwich I recommend pita bread. Normal bread slices will get soggy.

Cucumber water is refreshing, tasty and so simple a caveman could do it!
Take a glass. Add water, as many cucumber slices as you want, ice, and an optional twist of lime.
I think it goes great with the salmon mix.

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