Thursday, March 24, 2011

T-Shirt Tip: A Little Off The Top!

"Cute Tee!"
A phrase that often passes my lips. Let's face it. Big or small we've always seen that regular tee that looks great….on someone else.
A Big faux pas that many plus-size designers make is that they assume that instead of accentuating the positives, most big girls strive to hide everything under layers or just LOTS of fabric.
There are the flowery dresses, the layered blouses, and the moo moos that just never go away.
And then there are the girly tees. short sleeves, lots of added fabric around the middle, and a crew neck that makes the breast seem bigger than they need to be.
Personally, I'm that big girl who has the big breasts AND wide chest. Plus with my tummy, the added fabric makes me look heavier than I am.
Discovering this set back years ago, I took to buying men's shirts and slitting them down the chest just to give some sort of feminine touch.
My style is changing.

For months now I've been pining for something cuter to go with my boots and skinny jeans, So I took a pair of scissors to most of my shirts and started taking fabric off the top. Sure I've gotten questions and concerns from my mother and even a professor but why must I be condemned to the nun-like grip of a tight neck shirt! I demand girly-ness in my wardrobe! For example, the above "NOT GUILTY" shirt (left) started off as a butch boyish tee (right and it is a 2nd shirt). I can now pair it with a cute necklace and some flats.

This "Great Wave" shirt was given to me by a friend. The shirt is by the brand Loud & Obnoxious.
In searching the site, was I disappointed that their girl sizes ran smaller than my own? Yes but that's just how it is sometimes!
I've had this shirt for a few months and have finally altered it.
I am not a size L but the shirt is. The best part about removing fabric is that the shirt now seems to be the perfect size as it is a roomier up top.
Doing this to my tees has made my life easier clothes-wise as my body type is very difficult to clothe. Being creative when you have limited options does help!

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