Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sweet Buys: Let's get SHEERFUL!

OK terrible pun I know! Let's forget it ever happened and check out my pics instead! NO MIRROR PHOTOS! Yep I've entered a whole new world with my handy dandy tripod! Granted I'm not PERFECT at using it but I'll learn!
So onto the clothing! Once again Forever 21+ has managed to sink it's claws into my wallet! Two lovely sheer blouses paired with some fun accessories equals happiness!

Sheer Contrast Shirt
Size Pictured: 3X
Sheer Contrast Shirt
A black sheer top with grey collar/pocket/cuff trim that can be used for business or pleasure. I definitely like the style, however it's not all that sheer but if you're shy I'd recommend a tank top or bandeau! The sleeves are a little long so I prefer them rolled up a little below my elbow. I find that the blouse goes best with black skinny pants. Click the link above for more details!

Gold Chain
Now I found the gold chain in an antique store but Etsy has  thousands of options I promise! Click the title and see!

Bowler Hat
My bowler hat is one of my prized possessions because it's the only head gear to look perfect on me! It's no longer in stock at Domino Dollhouse, but don't worry, Etsy has you covered here too! Link it to check out a selection of sweet hats!

Pyramid Studded Collar Shirt
Size Pictured:3X
Pyramid Studded Collar Shirt
My new favourite item! No questioning its sheerness, this royal blue blouse has gunmetal studs and kicks all kinds of butt! I like outfits that say cute and tough at the same time. The model in the link above has paired the top with some forest green pants and a leather jacket. I love the combo so they might be the next items on my wish list! And as with the first shirt, if you're a little shy, tank tops are your friends! If you're not, more power to you!

The picture below gives you a closer look at the lovely detail AND a little surprise under the collar. The gunmetal spike pendant definitely compliments the studs, and although it's also a Forever 21 find, it is no longer in stock =[
HOWEVER the site still has some sweet spikey accessories

AND you don't have to wear it buttoned to a top. For a more relaxed feel, loosen a couple! 

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