Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Polka Dots for Days! PLUS Song Of the Outfit!

    So if you know me, you know I CAN'T resist polka dots (I get that from my mama) and I may have found my favourite summer dress yet!
     How could I say no to this fun n' flirty strappy number?! Sunny days in Arcata, CA plus this dress equals total babe and a half mode. Do I have a dress slightly similar? Is that slightly similar dress black? YEAH! SO? Polka dots everywhere!

Navy Blue Polka Dot Dress (Target $12)
    This light cotton dress is perfect for a number of occasions and you'll feel absolutely cute and comfortable at each one. It has two pockets (THANK YOU), false buttons on the chest and is cinched under the bust. The straps are attached to the back of the dress with buttons and can be removed, criss-crossed and turned into a halter.

    I paired the dress with a  Forever 21+ navy blue, open knit cardigan. It's thin, breathable and provides coverage for people who may be nervous about their arms (ME) but this dress actually makes me feel hubba hubba enough to get over my fear!
    Any sandals, heels or cute sneaks can complete the outfit so go nuts! I also wore shorts because the dress rides a little high and the slightest bend will show off your panties (unless you go commando then that's a whole different story!)
    Accessory-wise, My silver hoops were a gift and I found my heart-shaped sunnies at a local thrift store, but you can find similar ones at Domino Dollhouse or Top Shop!

ALSO, I completely forgot that I had these two colours. Next time I rock these dots I'm going to do a sassy paint job on my digits. Check out these two Essie polishes any time you've got the blues. Click the pictures for links and details!

Mint Candy Apple 754

Butler Please 772
So I'm starting a new section each post! Song Of The Outfit! It's basically the song I feel most in the mood for when I wear each outfit. The track I've picked for this ensemble is "Shiver Shiver" by Walk The Moon. It's sassy, sexy and you can strut it real nice!

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