Monday, June 14, 2010

Less jean for the price of two

Silver Jeans-Light Wash Tuesday
Bootcut Jeans
So during Memorial Day weekend I was desperate for new jeans. All my old jeans are just fine...except they have huge holes and tears in the inner thigh area.
I'm not one to throw away jeans that can be patched up but I had no time so I ventured to my mecca (Torrid) and purchased three pairs of pants.

NOW To your right you will see my most hated style of jean EVER. Silver Jeans brand. Manufactured rips and tears, what were they thinking?

As I write this blog, I'm wearing those jeans

I'm so picky. The jeans I buy must always have some sort of flare leg or they must be in the style of capris. There were two flare style jeans in the entire store and I was desperate.

$92 for missing material. Price is not a problem but I had to question why my father was paying more for less.
Apparently the denim used by Silver Jeans is the same denim used by cowboys so it is tougher. I must say that before I asked the question I did feel that the material was a little stronger than normal.

I feel very little affection towards these pants and so I have christened them my "home jeans"

On the bright side, my other two purchases are from my fave brand Source of Wisdom.

I can't find the jeans on the site but what's better than a picture of me rockin' them?

Source of Wisdom jeans are known for their stretch/hug-to-your-hips technology. they are the ultimate in comfort, but the one flaw...fake side pockets!
 I don't know why designers insist on fake pockets in women's clothing ut that's another blog for another time.

In the end, two out of three wasn't too bad.

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