Friday, June 4, 2010

Why a mother should be close to her daughter

So I always quote my mother online (probably a little more that she'd alike and definitely alot more than she knows hah!) here are a few:

 On Phil Jackson (haha):
Me:"He's losing his hair"
Mom:"YOU be a coach for the Lakers and see if you don't lose your hair!"

On Math
Me:"This is a generation raised on scientific calculators, you think we know how to count!?"

On Apple's phone support
Me:"It's a robot that understands me!"

Mom:"Finally something understands you."
On Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element

Mom: "I liked her better when she couldn't speak English. Here's she's like 'mew mew mew mew I speak English wee wee."

Meeting her friends at 8 a.m
."Mom:"Are you going to wear make up?"
Me:"Not doing that this early for people I don't know.

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