Friday, March 25, 2011

Shorts Shorts Shorts!

Oh gosh, there go the SHORTS alerts in my inbox!
Check out Torrid for new tops, shoes, and accessories to go with an old or new pair of shorts!
My personal favourites are the Source of Wisdom rolled tab shorts. (Well anything SOW is pretty much my go-to!) and the henley tops.
You'll notice some blazers as well as tights. Well the idea is that it's still cold, so until then, dress accordingly….with shorts!.
The hardest thing is getting these legs "shorts-ready."
Looking down my legs are pale, and looking outside…there are clouds in the sky.
Oh spring are you really here??
Click the picture above to get linked to Torrid's page!

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  1. So happy you're blogging again. Keep up the good work!