Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Buys!

Border Floral Print Tie-Front Top
A couple of cute buys from my clothing mecca, Torrid!
To the left, lovely flowey, blouse with a charming floral patter and satin bow. I saw this online first and went in store to try it.
I was hooked from the first twirl.
It's a personal preference of mine that I do not expose my arms. Although I am confident in myself, we all have those hangups that get a hold of us every blue moon.
Georgia Peach Foxy Cotton Scoop Cami
Anyways, I'm very pleased with
such a comfy purchase, but since it's see-through, I had to pair it with a cute tank top!

I chose this salmon-coloured cami (above) according to the flower design on the lower half of the blouse. I try to stay as far from white as possible so as not to make my chest appear bigger than it already is.
I'm waiting for the right occasion to wear the two items, perhaps a dinner, or a night outing?
Who knows?! Either way I can't wait!
(Click the pictures to link to the products!)

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