Tuesday, April 26, 2011

REVIEW: Dove go fresh Rebalance Body Wash with NutriumMoisture

So I'm very picky when it comes to body wash. For me it's all about moisture, moisture, moisture! For too long, I've been scorned by the lingering, drying effects of soap bars and gel washes!
Last week I took a chance and bought Dove's go fresh Rebalance Body Wash with NutriumMoisture
-All day moisture: It's actually minimized my lotion use throughout the day! I constantly have very dry, cracked, sensitive skin, which sometimes leads to very uncomfortable and even painful moments.  Using this, I felt very moisturized and far more comfortable. My skin continues to feel smooth al the way through to the next morning!
-Smell: The smell emitted from the bottle immediately made me think of candy. Very pleasant, the scent of plum and sakura blossom linger on the skin for a while.

-Shower experience: Upon distributing the body wash you see that it's a very thick, lotion like look. Even after rinsing the last of the suds off, I still felt like there was wash residue left on me. Upon leaving the shower, I couldn't shake that soapy feeling which is unpleasant for a minute or two.
So overall I would buy this again unless, in the long run, my body reacts in some unpleasant way.
I can deal with the soapiness of it all! You can purchase it at your local supermarket/drugstore!

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