Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wish List Wednesday: Coach Natalie Collection

Floral Embellished Natalie Straw Tote
I love Coach. I love the flexibility of the styles, colour, everything!!
I've had my eye on items in the recent Natalie Collection for a while. Ever hovering in my Blog folder, I'd link myself to everyday and pine over these sweet handbags.
Charming, tightly-woven straw wallets, clutches, and totes. A charming addition to any flirty spring outfit! The delicate flower appliqués are what piqued my interest. Browns and golds paired with white accents!

Although there are a variety of accessories in the collection, the tote pictured to the left (Floral Embellished Straw Natalie Tote) is the one I'm dying to add to purse garden!

Click on the picture to check out the collection!

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