Monday, April 11, 2011

Makeup Monday!

    I've never had a fantastic, basic makeup regimen. My usual morning consisted of slathering on whatever thick, cakey, Target shade of foundation MIGHT match my skin, and then attacking my face with mineral powder I THOUGHT was good for me. Needless to say my skin became miserable, and being of the dark variety, acne leaves its mark for a LONG time. I grew weary of the oilyness, flakiness, and shades much darker than my skin and with a big convention approaching I decided I needed some TLC.
    I was told that M.A.C. was overrated in the skin area, and my mother's brief, painful, blotchy encounter with Lancome put me off as her and I have similar allergies. I wanted something light, something that would not irritate my skin, but would mesh with my needs as I have a sensitive, combination dry and oily epidermis. My skin is my biggest crutch, I'm very embarassed by it.
   My friend Claudia seemed very happy with her set of Clinique makeup and then it clicked. Why not get makeup from a company with a sucessful skincare line? Something's got to tie in right?
I bought the following products on Wednesday and I have to say that so far I'm ecstatic. Light, easy to apply, and with great coverage, I'd reccomend these products to anyone (Click on photos to buy products):

"All About Eyes Concealer"
Although it says "All About Eyes Concealer," I was told that it can go over any of the dark spots on my face. I'd reccomend a small concealer brush (Something I forgot and must go back for!)  The tiny nozzle opening makes it easy to choose your desired amount.

"Even Better" Liquid Foundation

Very good coverage. Apparently evens skin tone, which is something I desperately need! Same convenient nozzle opening. Extrememly pleased with the light feeling, it doesn't feel like it's attacking my pores! Good for Combination skin or Oily. Doesn't leave you looking like an oil slick! (Click here for recommended foundation brush)

"Perfectly Real" Compact Makeup

This pressed powder topped everything off. It made my skin look very natural. No weird, visible, chalky residue on the surface. Even with this third step everything feels so light, I'm not afriad of brushing my cheek against someones shoulder and pulling away only to see I've left some of my face on them (It's happened….it's embarrassing) Wonderful end to a fabulous skin makeup cllection! (Click here for recommended powder brush)

So there you have it AND spend $21.50 at your local Macy's to get the Spring 2011 Bonus.
I was asked if I wanted the Pinks or the Purples, and I picked the latter.

My bonus included:
-Small and large makeup bags
-"Take the Day Off" Makeup Remover
-Compact: Clinique Colour Surge Duo 
in Twilight Mauve/ Brandied Plum and Smoldering Plum blush 
-"Dramatically Different" Moisturizing Lotion
-Lash Doubling Mascara
-2-in-1 lipstick (Shy) /gloss (Mystic) duo

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