Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Torrid: Plus Size Paradise

A common name amongst the fluffly ladies, and if you haven't heard of Torrid, you're missing out.

I am a devoted follower of the church of Torrid. From the days when they specialized in goth couture, fanged teddy bear graphic tees and white makeup to the glitzy, glamorous duds they sell now. . They catered to my high school phase of dark, emo, and mysterious. When they did a complete 360 and turned towards flower prints and pastels, it was quite refreshing. There are times when some of their fashions don't meet my personal taste but to each their own!

I would say that 95% of my wardrobe consists of clothes and shoes from Torrid. They create fashions for all sorts of tastes. The shoes are specially made to fit a wider foot and calf and the size range is accommodating to a variety of women.

They feature brands such as Fergie, Dollhouse, LA Ink, and even Betsey Johnson!

Make sure you apply for a Divastyle card.
-No membership fee
-Event invitations
-A discount card on your birthday
-5% off of anything you buy
-When you accumulate a certain number of points, you're eligible for even MORE discounts.

From studs to frills, makeup to purses, every girl will be able to find something just for her at Torrid


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  1. I can blame and thank Torrid for having developed my obsession with Betsey Johnson handbags and accessories. It's ever since I bought one of her bags from there 2 years ago that I've started my collection. Now I've got ten of them!