Monday, May 17, 2010

Vajazzling you say?

Usually I would never pick up a Cosmopolitan Magazine unless someone I absolutely love is gracing its cover. This month, Pink in all her buff beauty drew me to the stand and sure enough I was carrying her home in a plastic bag. (That sounded creepy but it's the truth lol)

     Unlike those that bypass the fun tidbits and dive straight into the repetitive sex tips, I went page by page, ad by ad, wish- listing products and creating birthday pleas.
On pg. 43, the Hot Sheet :6 Trends on the Rise Right Now, my klepto senses took my eyes downward to the shiny jewels on the bottom of the page. I looked to see what trend they belonged to.

Trend 6: Vajazzling
Is it odd that I'm not surprised? I've heard of novelty waxing down there, I've even had a friend who revealed his own pubic star to me, so I wasn't too shocked until I saw the price.

For $25 I could buy makeup that will last months. These jewels last THREE days.
You better buy those for an EXTREMELY special weekend.
I'm sure men will appreciate your attention to detail, it's hot when a woman cares about what you see when she's sans clothing, but I think the novelty wears off after a while.
Personally I think it's a waste if he's going to look at the things for 2 seconds and realize that there's a vagina beneath them.
If you try these, try them within months of each other.

For more info on how to Bedazzle your Vajazzle go to
take the Jennifer Love Hewitt route and find a professional that will apply Swarovski crystals and gold spray to your nearly nether region.

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