Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Hello! My name is Sabina Gallier.
I am a size 20 in pants.
A L-XL in shirts.
My bra size 46D
I have cellulite.
I have "lotsa-love-handles."
I couldn't be anymore comfortable in my own skin.

Society is aimed at making us feel bad about ourselves. The media portrays these slinky women in music videos and magazines as people we all should look up to and strive to become.

As someone who grew up on Archie comics and not Vogue or CosmoGirl, I Pride myself on loving the body I have. I never looked up to swimsuit models or runway divas, instead I was one of the millions of kids watching cartoons and developing a sense of humor as opposed to a nagging fear that I wasn't good enough.

I will not ignore the fact that I should lose weight, for my own health, because I can truthfully say that carrying these pounds will be detrimental to you  in the future. However while you're working towards a healthier you, NEVER feel bad about the way you look. Do not go under the knife or lose weight because you want to look like the girl next to you in class.

All women are beautiful, skinny or fat.
It's all in the confidence.


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