Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beach Ready?!

Such a silly saying.
Beach ready to many means that you're ready to unveil your tight behind and you tight tummy.
Beach ready to ME means the time we finally leave the house and head down to the water!

I have a European sense of thinking when it comes to beachwear, and I say wear whatever the hell you want whatever size or shape you are. I never sneer at people or make a face if quite a bit of them is hanging out. If you want to be a prude, tan in your backyard.

HOWEVER don't nude up if you're not at a nude beach. That's the line!

The best part about beach season is shopping for a swimsuit. From Torrid to Fashion Bug, to Lane Bryant, each store has a swimsuit to accommodate that confident plus size beach goer. Tankinis, one-pieces, and swim dresses (my personal fave)

Pictured above. A swimdress from Kmart. A great $12 emergency swimsuit in my opinion, but if you're not in a rush I highly recommend shopping around!
 Here are a few suggestions:             

Black and White Striped Rose Halter Swim Top
Black Swim Skirt

Lane Bryant Swimdress

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