Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blue Lace and Body Positivity

    It's hot, it's sunny, so (IF YOU WANT) it's time to shed the layers and break out some lace! When it's hot I like all kinds of flow so when I saw this cami, all I could think is "SKIN SEASON"
   Unfortunately sold out, this blue lace cami top from Torrid is so sexy but has its pros, cons and mehs.

PROS: Airy, bright blue, lace, lace….lace.
CONS: Snags on jean buttons. WAH
MEHS: If you wear underwear that is high-rise it will peak-a-boo up n' out. You could totally wear something under this top if you prefer coverage, but if not and you dig colour coordination, be aware of sneaky panties.

I love it but on a slightly serious note, it has definitely started a couple of heated conversations.
   I have a decent relationship with my body and as long as a person feels comfortable with what they wear they should shut out all criticism and just rock on. Someone close to me told me that I was brave for showing off my belly and other parts and I was instantly taken aback. Are there parts of me I should be scared of or others find scary?

   My body is not anyone else's concern and if they don't like it, I can't think of anything to tell them short of "You're ignorant, get lost." The only differences between my midsection and that of a bikini model's are that we are unique in our own way and that society prefers one over the other.

   I don't care what anyone finds "flattering" because my body is here for my enjoyment and not theirs. At the same time I'm well within my right to not have a happy relationship with my body ALL THE TIME and have, what I call, "bad days." I am allowed to take my shirt off at a beach and walk around in a bra and be happy with myself.

   I will not let you make me feel like I've brought down all the plagues on humanity just because I'm ok with my fabulous fat.

Get yo' body positivity on!

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