Monday, May 6, 2013

Let's Get Graphic!

     Sometimes you want blouses, other times you want dresses, BUT tons of the time you walk by a shirt and go "AW MAN, that's some funny stuff! I want that!" That's pretty much how I felt about every graphic shirt I bought over the weekend. I've got sexy, flirty, cute but I wanted fun! 
       I stepped into the odd goodness that is Hot Topic and picked up some cute graphic tees. The largest size I encountered was XXL. Every top pictured is XL in mens, but my curves fill them just fine. To the left, a shirt that makes me VERY happy but cause people like my roommate painful confusion, is a Taco Cats Space Cat Shirt. Food, cats and galaxy print. Why wouldn't I want it!? This shirt definitely stretches and gets a bit baggy but paired with some shorts and was good to go.

     This tank is part of what I call my "mini Adventure Time haul". I bought a couple of tops, bracelets, magnets….just general awesomeness.
     Here we have the Adventure Time Bro Hug Tank
Another piece of apparel that has me thinking I shouldn't be afraid to show off my arms. For a guys top, the cut is real cute and I don't think I'd mind a bold bra for a pop o' colour behind this bad boy.

    "I've been meaning to ask you…what's with that pocket on your shirt?"

      I saw this and I thought my roommate was going to have to re-start me heart! This is my fave out of the three items because it's really hard to forget Jake tootin' that booty-thang!
ALSO I love cutting my shirts either across the shoulder or v-necking it but this tee is too perfect to possibly mess up. I bought this Jake-in-a-pocket shirt at FYE but you can also find it online at HT HERE

     Again, all three are men's XL and give way to a little stretch! Enjoy!

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